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I had filed a claim with them for an accident that involved their customer that had rear ended me.It took 5 phone calls from me for their rep (claims adjuster) to call me and 2 phone calls to the supervisor. She was very rude. First she told me the driver was not insured, then I told her the passenger was insured and it was his car. She then said a field adjustor would call me and come to see the vehicle. All this took 14 days. Finally the field...
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I didn't like
  • Nightmare
  • Lack of help honesty attitude unfair practices
  • Suspicious of business
Infiniti are super quick to take my money for payments and super slow to provide me with a service. Been waiting 2 months and still no news on my claim. No one answers the phone and when they do they do they send me to an unmanned answer machine. Feels like I'm dealing with gangsters and swindlers rather than a reputable insurance company. My car was totaled by theft and infiniti investigators made me feel like the criminal with their good...
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My accident happen 4/25/16. INFINITY just sent me this week a letter still saying they are investigating this claim. I got the police report months ago from AAA also AAA already have repaired my car and is using it immediately unfortunately I don't have rental car coverage on my car but this accident was caused by INFINITY's customer. This is not acceptable to wait almost haft of the year for this the inconvenience not of my fault. I hope...
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they are really bad,does not take care of customer claim,they do what ever they want.They took my car in orden to review the damage, that take three week.Then they sent it to the mechanic who take three week more.The damage was not fix it completely and they never prorogued the car rent for more than 30 day.I WAS NOT ABLE TO SPEAK WITH THE SUPERVISOR,THEY DID NOT PUT HIM ON THE PHONE AND GIVE THE EXCUSE THAT HE WAS NOT THERE.I am completed...
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I liked
  • Worst nightmare ever
I didn't like
  • Service
  • Horrible customer service
  • Lack of communication with adjuster
It has been a hassle with this insurance company , I got hit by one of theit insured, and there is no professionalism or empathy at all, you call the customer service and the hang up on you, you request a supervisor and they never available, i had to wait 12 days from the ay of accident for them to make an estimate, all that time i had to be traveling back and forth with my daughter with an open heart surgery on buses they didnt even bother on...
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